lochio- +

(Greek: childbirth; vaginal discharge following childbirth)

The vaginal discharge that takes place during the first week or two after childbirth.
lochia alba
The final vaginal discharge after childbirth, when the amount of blood is decreased and the leukocytes are increased.
lochia rubra
The vaginal discharge of almost pure blood immediately after childbirth.
lochia sanguinolenta
The thick, maroon-colored vaginal discharge occurring a few days after childbirth.
lochia serosa
The serous vaginal discharge occurring about four or five days after childbirth.
Distention of the vagina by retained lochia.
Distention of the uterus by retained lochia.
lochiometritis, puerperal metritis
Inflammation of the uterus following childbirth.
lochiorrhea, lochiorrhagia.
Profuse flow of the lochia (discharges from the vagina of mucus, blood, and tissue debris, following childbirth).
Retention of the lochia; lochiostasis.
Retention of the lochia; lochioschesis.

Related "birth, born, childbirth, offspring" words: abort-; feto-; nasc-, nat-; proli-; toco-, toko-.