limo-, lim-

(Greek: hunger, appetite)

bulimia (s) (noun), bulimias (pl)
1. A condition in which bouts of overeating are followed by undereating, use of laxatives, or self-induced vomiting.

It is associated with depression and anxiety about putting on weight.

2. An eating disorder, common especially among young women of normal or nearly normal weight, that is characterized by episodic binge eating and followed by feelings of guilt, depression, and self-condemnation.

It is often associated with measures taken to prevent weight gain, such as self-induced vomiting, the use of laxatives, dieting, or fasting. Also called bulimarexia, bulimia nervosa.

3. An excessive or insatiable appetite.
1. A reference to, resembling, or affected by bulimia.
2. A person suffering from bulimia.
1. Anyone who has bulimia.
2. Someone who has a mental illness in which she, or he, eats uncontrollably and in large amounts, then vomits to remove the food.
1. A ravenous appetite caused by disease.
2. An excessive and morbid (diseased) hunger.
3. An urgent desire to eat chalk.
Treatment of an ailment by fasting; the hunger cure.