ligni-, lign-

(Latin: wood)

Thriving on or in wood.
Wood engraving.
lignophage, lignophagic, lignophagy, lignophage
An abnormal chewing and eating of wood, seen in horses in restrictive quarters.
lignophile (s) (noun), lignophiles (pl)
In biology, a life form that thrives in or on wood: Some lignophiles include the bark beetle, beavers, and catfish and all of them eat wood!
lignophilic (adjective), more lignophilic, most lignophilic
The situation of an animal or insect flourishing in or on wood: Lignophilic beetles include the common furniture beetle, the Anoplophora longhorn beetle, and the warm borer.
lignophily (s) (noun) (no pl)
The affinity of some form of life existing in or on wood: When Judy learned more about lignophily, she found out that the powerderpost beetles were among those beetles that developed in wood.
Something made by the destructive distillation of wood.

Related "wood" word units: hylo-; xylo-.