levulos-, laevulos- +

(Latin: fructose; from laev[us], "left")

1. An unfermentable carbohydrate obtained by gently heating levulose.
2. A polysaccharide (as inulin) yielding primarily fructose on hydrolysis.
1. A simple sugar found in honey and in many ripe fruits.
2. A sirupy variety of sugar, rarely obtained crystallized, occurring widely in honey, ripe fruits, etc, and hence also called fruit sugar.

It is called levulose, because it rotates the plane of polarization to the left.

It is obtained, together with an equal quantity of dextrose, by the inversion of ordinary cane or beet sugar, and hence, as being an ingredient of invert sugar, is often so called. It is fermentable, nearly as sweet as cane sugar, and is metameric with dextrose.

levulosemia, levulosaemia
Presence of fructose in the circulating blood.
levulosuria, laevulosuria (British)
The presence of fructose in the urine.