letho-, leth-

(Greek > Latin: lie hidden, secret; forgetfulness, forget, inactive through forgetfulness; also sleepy, drowsy, dull, sluggish)

lethomania (s) (noun), lethomanias (pl)
A morbid or an abnormal longing for life-threatening narcotic drugs: Norman's brother was suffering from lethomania and, despite medical and psychological treatments, he could not overcome his life threatening obsessions, or compulsive desires, to ingest drugs to ease his suffering.
lethonomia (s) (noun), lethonomias (pl)
1. A tendency to forget the names of even those people someone has known for years.
2. The inability to recall the right name for objects.
lethophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An abnormal anxiety of forgetting or of being forgotten: Sam developed letholphobia and slid into oblivion after spending three weeks in the hospital when no one came by to visit him!

Related "sleep" units: dorm-; hypno-; narco-; oneiro- (dream); somni-; sopor-.

Etymologically related "forget, forgetfulness" word families: aletho-; oblivio-.

Related "memory, remember" word families: memor-; mne-.