-olent, -ulent

(Latin: a suffix; full of, disposed to)

malevolent (adjective), more malevolent, most malevolent
Pertaining to an individual who attempts destructive activities or exerts an evil influence: The more malevolent prisoners tried to incite a riot by using all of their most hateful comments and misinformation to provoke others to rebel against the prison guards.

The author of the crime novels described a malevolent character who often committed heinous crimes under the guise of being a kindly old neighbor.

Showing intense ill will.
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Wanting bad things to happen for others.
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Doing harm or bad things to another person.
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mucopurulent (adjective)
Containing, or composed of, both mucus and pus; such as, mucopurulent sputum.
mucosanguinolent (adjective)
Containing mucus and blood.
nonviolent (adjective)
1. Peacefully resistant, as in response to or protest against injustice; especially, on moral or philosophical grounds.
2. The doctrine, policy, or practice of rejecting violence in favor of peaceful tactics as a means of gaining political objectives.
noterocolent (adjective), more noterocolent, most noterocolent
A reference to being a resident or an inhabitant of damp regions.
omnibenevolent (adjective), more omnibenevolent, most omnibenevolent
A reference to showing goodwill, kindness, and charitableness for all people: Food was being distributed as an omnibenevolent gift to all of the flood victims.
opulent (adjective), more opulent, most opulent
1. Characterized by an obvious lavish display of wealth, rich abundance, or affluence.
2. Possessing or exhibiting great wealth; being affluent; being ample; as, in richly abundant supply.
puberulent (adjective)
Covered with fine, downy hair, or lanugo (downy hair covering the body).
pulverulent (adjective)
In a state of powder; powdery; dustlike.
purulent (adjective)
1. Suppurative; forming or containing pus.
2. Relating to, containing, or consisting of pus.
3. Containing, discharging, or causing the production of pus.
redolent (adjective), more redolent, most redolent
1. A reference to something having a strong and pleasant or fragrant aroma: The dessert served after dinner was a mixture that was redolent of honey.
2. Descriptive of one thing which is suggestive and reminiscent of another thing: While walking around in the old castle, the couple found the worn draperies, carpets, and the sagging wooden floors quite redolent of the castle's former splendor and grandness.
2. Etymology: from Latin redolentem from redolere, "to emit a scent" from re-, "again, back" + olere, "to give off a smell or odor".
A pleasant fragrance.
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sanguinolent (adjective)
1. Bloody; tinged with blood.
2. Tinged, or mingled, with blood; bloody; such as, sanguinolent sputa.
sanguinopurulent (adjective)
Containing both blood and pus.
seropurulent (adjective)
Consisting of both serum (clear portion of any body fluid) and pus.
somnivolent (adjective), more somnivolent, most somnivolent
A reference to someone who desires to sleep.