leg-, lex

(Latin: pertaining to the law, legal)

From Latin legalis and lex, legis, law; lex is singular while leges is plural.

colleague (s) (noun), colleagues (pl)
Someone who is a fellow professional worker or a business partner: One colleague in school was especially generous in that Mrs. Jones gave all of her lesson plans, notes, and prepared tests and answers to another colleague, Mr. Smith, for his teaching when she retired from that school.

Colleagues are those who are explicitly united in a common purpose and who respect each other's abilities to work together to achieve their objectives.

An associate in the work place.
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A fellow worker in the same profession.
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1. An institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university.
2. An institution of higher learning that provides education to undergraduates and awards bachelor's and sometimes master's degrees.
3. A school or a division of a university that usually has its own dean and other administrators and whose faculty teaches and confers degrees in specific academic fields.
4. Etymology: originally, "a union formed by law"; from col-, "together", and lex, legis, "law".
1. Characterized by or having authority vested equally among colleagues.
2. A reference to, resembling, or typical of a college or college students.
delegate (DEL i git) (s) (noun), delegates (pl)
Someone who is chosen or elected to vote or to act for other people: "Lorna's brother was chosen as a delegate to attend the state convention to help choose a candidate to run for congress."
delegate (DEL uh gayt") (verb), delegates; delegated; delegating
1. To speak and to act for others; to represent: Every state will delegate a representative to go to the political convention.
2. To entrust an authority, rights, etc. to a person acting as one’s agent or representative; to entrust, to assign, to commit to the care of: Sharon's cousin delegated her legal powers to her son.
To assign someone as an agent with authrority to take action.
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delegation (s) (noun), delegations
A group of people who are chosen to represent a larger organization: "Ralph was appointed to lead a delegation to the next economic conference in his district."
Not legal or lawful; contrary to, or forbidden by, law.
illegalize (verb), illegalizes; illegalized; illegalizing
To declare something unlawful: When Tom's city police set a new curfew, they illegalized children and teenagers being out after certain hours at night without their parents or other adults.

Your town might illegalize smoking in certain places or your state senators could vote to illegalize dogs and cats fighting each other!

It's considered better grammar to say "to make illegal," or even "to criminalize," because to illegalize is probably known by very few people since it is a relatively new verb that is constructed from illegal, "against the law", and the verb-suffix or ending -ize.