(Latin: praise, praising; glorify, glorifying; showing or expressing strong approval or admiration for something or someone)

Joining together in praising.
Uniting in praising.
cum laude
With praise.

A reference to a good examination grade or an earned degree from an educational institution.

illaudable (adjective)
1. Not laudable; not praise-worthy: "The illaudable work of the carpenter at the house had to be redone appropriately."
2. Worthy of censure or disapproval instead of praise: "The illaudable scores of the students resulted in the teacher being severely criticized for his inadequate teaching."
laud, lauds; lauded, lauding (verbs)
1. Praising or glorifying: The girl's parents lauded her for achieving such good grades."

"The dog's owner was lauding his pet for its outstanding performance at the canine show."
2. Expressing a hymn or song of praise: "The minister of the church urged his congregation to laud God in song and in their daily behavior."

Praiseworthiness; worthy of praise.
1. Worthy of being praised; commendable; praiseworthy.
2. Worthy of high praise.
1. The quality of deserving praise; praiseworthiness; such as, the laudableness of designs, purposes, motives, or actions.
2. Being worthy of praise
Deserving praise.
1. The act of lauding; praising; giving a high commendation.
2. An instance of lauding; tribute; encomium (a formal expression of high praise; a eulogy): "An encomium by the President greeted the returning military hero."
Being worthy of praise and honors.
Someone who communicates high praise.
laudatory (adjective), more laudatory, most laudatory
1. Relating to approval which is full of praise: Carol's boss was quick to make laudatory comments about her good work.
2. A reference to speech or writing expressing or conferring praise: The critic wrote a laudatory review of the new play that was performed recently.

Martha was overwhelmed by the speaker's laudatory remarks regarding her volunteer work.

Characteristic of expressing high praise.
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Praised, glorified, or honored.
Someone who communicates high praise.