latero-, later-, lateri-, -lateral, -laterally

(Latin: side, sideways; flank)

ambilateral (am" bi LAT er uhl) (adjective), more ambilateral, most ambilateral
A reference to affecting both the right and the left sides of someone or something: When Rebecca went to the doctor, she explained to him that she felt ambilateral pains in her arms.
bilateral (adjective), more bilateral, most bilateral
1. In politics, involving or carried out by two groups: Bilateral affairs of states can especially pertain to the political representatives of two countries.
2. Relating to or affecting both of two sides: Bilateral talks were organised between Canada and China.
3. Relating to the right and left side of a body structure: At the ottorhynolaynologist's, the hearing test results showed that Mary had a bilateral hearing impairment.
collateral (adjective) (not comparable)
collateral (s) (noun), collaterals (pl)
1, In financial situations, property or goods used as security for a loan and forfeited if the loan is not repaid by the borrower: The Smith’s house was used as a collateral in case the debt they had with the bank was not paid back.
2. A relative descended from the same ancestor as another person but through a different set of parents, grandparents, and other earlier relatives: The inheritance went to Marilyn, the only survivor of the family who was an old lady; the collaterals were all very distant relatives and not directly akin to each other.
3. Etymology: from medieval Latin collateralis, literally "side by side with", from Latin lateralis, "on the side".
Property that is acceptable as security for a loan or other financial obligation.
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collateral damage (s) (noun), collateral damages (pl)
Casualties and destruction inflicted on civilians during military operations: "Collateral damage consists of blasted homes and civilian deaths and injuries as described by military spokespeople."
contralateral (adjective), not comparable
Descriptive of being on the opposite side of the body.
dorsolateral (adjective), more dorsolateral, most dorsolateral
Relating to both the back and the side of a part of the body.
1. Having all sides or faces equal.
2. A geometric figure in which all the sides are of equal length.
1. Referring to a figure having all its sides equal.
2. Descriptive of a side equivalent, or equal, to others.