labrum +

(Latin: a lip)

Applied to lip-like parts (as in zoology). A labret refers to an ornament of wood, shell, or bone worn in a hole pierced through the lip.

Another derivative of labrum is labellum,, one of the three parts forming the corolla [the whole of the petals of a flower] in orchidaceous plants (botany); meaning, a "little lip".

1. A lip or liplike structure; such as, the one forming the roof of the mouth in insects.
2. The outer margin of the opening of a gastropod shell.
labrum acetabulare, acetabular labrum
A triangular rim of fibrocartilage, the base of which is fixed to the margin of the acetabulum (cup-shaped socket of the hip joint; from Latin an acetabulum, "a vinegar cup" or "a cup"), deepening its cavity.
labrum glenoidale, glenoid labrum
A triangular rim of fibro cartilage, the base of which is fixed to the circumference of the glenoid cavity of the scapula, deepening it.
A mouth part composed of the labrum (lip) and epipharynx (structure which overlaps the mouth of certain insects) and usually elongate (more length than width).