kymo-, kym-

(Greek: wave, sprout; swollen)

A device for recording the oscillations of an aircraft in flight.
The graphic record produced by a diagnostic kymograph (a scientific instrument consisting of a rotating drum holding paper on which a stylus traces a continuous record; such as, of breathing or blood pressure.
kymograph x-ray, kymograph roentgen
A device for recording the movement of the heart or other types of motion on a single x-ray film.
1. A procedure for recording variations in motion or pressure; such as, of blood, consisting typically of a stylus and a rotating drum.
2. An instrument for tracing outlines of projections, profiles, etc.
An apparatus which once was used for measuring the pulse waves or the variation in blood pressure.
A variation in spelling of cymotrichous; having wavy hair.
The recording of movements of the heart by means of the roentgenkymograph (an apparatus for recording the movements of the heart and great vessels or of the diaphragm on a single film).