kopo-, kop-, copo-, cop-

(Greek: weariness, fatigue, exhaustion)

copiopia, kopiopia
1. Eyestrain from overwork or improper use of the eyes.
2. Fatigue of the eyes from misuse or overuse.
copodyskinesia, kopodyskinesia (s) (noun); copodyskinesias, kopodyskinesias (pl)
A fatigue of, or a difficulty in moving a group of muscles when working: "Mack's copodyskinesia was identified by his doctor as either occupational neurosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, or writer's cramp."

kopophobia (s) (noun), kopophobias (pl)
A dread of being mentally or physically exhausted: Henry has kopophobia sometimes when he goes to the fitness studio, because he simply strains himself too much and, because of his physical weakness, he often ends up with a feeling of fainting and being powerless, or having a lack of control.