kappa; Κ, κ +

(Greek: the tenth letter of the Greek alphabet; Κ, κ)

1. The tenth letter in the Greek alphabet (Κ, κ), represented in the English alphabet as "k".
2. In chemistry, it denotes the position of a substituent located on the tenth atom from the carboxyl or other functional group.
3. A measure of the degree of nonrandom agreement between observers or measurements of the same categorical variable.
kappa chain
1. One of the two forms of smaller polypeptide chains (known as light chains) that occur in immunoglobulins.
2. A type of light polypeptide chain of immunoglobulin molecules.
kappa curve
In mathematics, a plane, kappa-shaped curve, symmetrical with respect to the co-ordinate axes and the origin, and having two cusps at the origin.

The cusps refers to the points where two arcs or branches of a curve intersect and the two tangents to the curve coincide.

kappa particle
An endosymbiotic bacterium found within the cytoplasm of certain strains of paramecium that produces a factor toxic to other paramecia lacking this bacteria.

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