(Latin: a suffix; to act in a certain way; to treat in a certain way; to make into; to treat with; to do; to make; to cause)

These word entries are just a small listing of the many words that exist with the -ize endings; so, be aware that there are many more words with this suffix which exist in this lexicon.

Another closely related suffix family with the same meanings, but a different spelling, is located at this -ise unit.

acidize (verb), acidizes, acidized, acidizing
To treat with acid, to acidify; specifically, to apply acid to an oil (or other) well in order to neutralize the lime.
adrenalectomize (verb), adrenalectomizes, adrenalectomized, adrenalectomizing
To make a surgical operation or excision of one (unilateral adrenalectomy) or both (bilateral adrenalectomy) adrenal glands.
aestheticize (verb), aestheticizes; aestheticized; aestheticizing
To render responsive, agreeable, or refined taste for an idealized or artistic method: With fresh paint and wall paper, Barbara aestheticized her drab living room.
aggrandize (verb), aggrandizes; aggrandized; aggrandizing
1. To enhance or to increase power, reputation, prestige, or stature: Being elected to the highest office of the land certainly aggrandized the sense of importance for Frank's uncle.
2. To exaggerate or to embellish an accomplishment: When describing the fish that he caught, Morgan's nephew, Mike, tends to aggrandize the length and weight of the fish.
To make something great or greater than it actually is.
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To embellish or aggrandize something.
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To exaggerate.
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agonize (verb), agonizes, agonized, agonizing
1. To make convulsive efforts; to struggle.
2. To be in agony; to be in great pain.
3. To struggle or to strive in physical exercise; such as, to wrestle.
albumenize (verb), albumenizes, albumenized, albumenizing
To coat or to impregnate a surface or material; such as, glass or paper with albumen or any kind of proteins that are soluble in water and can be coagulated by heat; such as, those found in the whites of an eggs, milk, and in many other animal and plant tissues and juices.
alcoholize (noun), alcoholizes; alcoholized; alcoholizing
1. To treat or infuse with alcohol; such as, alcoholizing fruit.
2. To transform into alcohol; to make alcoholic, as by fermenting: "to alcoholize prunes".
alphabetize (verb), alphabetizes, alphabetized, alphabetizing
1. To put in alphabetical (a, b, c, d, etc.) order.
2. To express by or to furnish with an alphabet or with alphabetic symbols.
amortize, amortise (verb); amortizes, amortises; amortized, amortised; amortizing, amortising
1. To deaden, to render as if dead, or to destroy.
2. To reduce a debt by making payments against the principal balance in installments or regular transfers.
3. To write off the cost of an asset over a period of time in a statement of accounts.
anabaptize (verb), anabaptizes; anabaptized; anabaptizing
1. To baptize again or to re-baptize which is the dipping of a person into or to sprinkle him or her as a sign of washing away sin and becoming a Christian.
2. To purify or to symbolically cleanse someone spiritually.
3. To introduce or to initiate someone into an activity which is to be accomplished: Adam was anabaptized once more when he applied for a job as an a reporter in TV productions.
anachronize (verb), anachronizes, anachronized, anachronizing
To put something into a wrong chronological position or to transfer to a sequence in time that is not accurate.
anaesthetize, anesthetize (verb); anaesthetizes, anesthetizes; anaesthetized, anesthetized; anaesthetizing, anesthetizing
To administer medications to a person, or animal, that is designed to render the recipient insensible and unaware of any pain: Angela, the nurse, used an alcohol swab to clean Marie's skin before using an injection to anesthetize her.
anagrammatize (verb), anagrammatizes, anagrammatized, anagrammatizing
To transpose a word to form an anagram or to change into another word or phrase by a different arrangement of letters: An example is when someone anagrammatizes "lived" into "devil".
anathematize (verb), anathematizes; anathematized; anathematizing
To curse or to declare to be evil or to threaten with divine punishment.
anesthetize (verb), anesthetizes; anesthetized; anesthetizing
To place someone under the effects or influences of drugs that are designed to put a patient to "sleep" and to be unaware of pain during surgery: With the administration of a drug, Dr. Black was anesthetizing Glenda prior to the operation.