-aceous, -acea, -aceae, -aceaen, -aceus

(Latin: a suffix; having the quality of, of the nature of, characterized by, belonging to, resembling)

There are hunderds of words that utilize the -aceous suffix which are not shown here; however, the following will present important examples.

A suffix that forms adjectives and is used with technical combinations, especially in biological terms: "pertaining or belonging to, of the nature of, or characterized by; to be full of, to possess abundantly". The suffix -acea usually denotes "orders and classes in zoology" while the suffix -aceae usually denotes "orders and families in botany" and -aceaen is used to denote members of "orders of the animal kingdom".

Earthen or of the earth.
A reference to a family of green algae.
vinaceous (adjective), more vinaceous, most vinaceous
Relating to the reddish color of wine; wine-colored.
Vitaceae, vitaceae
1. A family of dicotyledonous plants in the order Rhamnales (two seed lobes); mostly tendril-bearing climbers with compound or lobed leaves, as in grapes.
2. A taxonomic family within the order Vitales — many vines, including grape and Virginia creeper.
Flowering plants that have pinnate leaves (a central stem with parts branching off it like feathers) and capsules as fruits.

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