itiner-, it-, -it

(Latin: to go, to walk away; to travel, to journey, a journey)

seditiously (adverb)
Descriptive of opposition to a civil authority or government: "Trisha's friend was seditiously encouraging the group to rise up against the authority that was depriving women of their rights."
Sic transit gloria mundi. (Latin motto)
Translation: "So passes away the glory of the world."

This motto was used by Thomas à Kempis, in his De Imitatione Christi, when he was commenting about the transitory nature of human vanities. It is also used at the coronation of a pope: A rope bundle is burned during the ceremony and, as the flame dies, the words Pater sancte sic transit gloria mundi: "Holy Father, so passes away the glory of the world" are intoned.

1. An impermanence that suggests the inevitability of ending or dying.
2. The attribute of being brief or fleeting.
transient (adjective), more transient, most transient
1. Characteristic of something that is brief; short-termed, temporary, or momentary: No living creature is immortal; in fact, all animals and vegetation on earth are transient.
2. Referring to people who work or stay in one area for a brief time: Greg decided to travel around Europe, staying at accommodations that are provided for transient people, or for those who are just passing through the towns.
A reference to someone who stays for a very short time .
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transition (tran ZISH uhn, tran SISH uhn) (s) (noun), transitions (pl)
1. A change or going from one place, condition, thing, topic, etc. to another one: Jesse made a significant transition from being a university student to being a successful specialist in technology in a very short time.
2. In music, a passing from one key to a different one: Gabriel had a talent of making beautiful piano transitions that were very entertaining for his audiences.
The process of changing from one activity or position to another one.
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transitive (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to a grammatical construction in which the action of a verb passes to a direct object: Shirley noticed (verb) a problem (direct object) has resulted from the heavy rain.

In the sentences, "I like apple pie" and "She makes dresses," the verbs "like" and "makes" are transitive while "pie" and "dresses" are direct objects.

2. A reference to the process or a period during which something changes from one condition to another one: Students in Jim's school made a transition from one subject to another one each day.