(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

solibiblist (s) (noun), solibiblists (pl)
Someone who depends only upon the Bible for truth and guidance.
Anyone who performs a solo.
A psychiatrist who considers all mental illnesses to have physical origins.
somnambulist (s) (noun), somnambulists (pl)
Anyone who walks around while asleep: Just as the somnambulist reached the top of the stairs, his mother shrieked, and fortunately, he woke up before falling down the steps.
somniloquist (s) (noun), somniloquists (pl)
1. Someone who talks when in bed during the night: Kitty amused her sisters while she was sleeping because she was a somniloquist and often said the silliest things.
2. Etymology: from Latin somni-, "sleep" + -loquy, loqui "to speak, to talk."
Any one who talks while sleeping.
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Someone who talks in his or her sleep.
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Talking while sleeping.
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somnipathist (s) (noun); somnipathists (pl)
Anyone who is affected by or who is influenced of another individual: When another person yawns, then there are some somnipathists who start to get sleepy.
somnophilist (s) (noun), somnophilists (pl)
1. A collector of beds.
2. A person who loves to sleep.
sophist (s) (noun), sophists (pl)
specialist (s) (noun), specialists (pl)
A professional person; such as, a health practitioner, who does research in a particular branch of study; usually, after having obtained special training and experience: "Joan was a specialist in dermatology or skin diseases."
A person who specializes in the study of organisms that live in caves.
speleologist, spelaeologist
Someone who specializes in the scientific study of caves and other karst (landscape of distinctive dissolution patterns often marked by underground drainages) features, their make-up, structure, physical properties, history, life forms, and the processes by which they form (speleogenesis) and change over time (speleomorphology).