(Greek > Latin: a suffix; one who believes in; one who is engaged in; someone who does something)

One who has five spouses.
percussophilist (s) (noun), percussophilists (pl)
A person fond of old guns: Mike's father was a percussophilist who was very interested in old firearms and had a small collection of them in a locked cabinet in his home.
perfusionist (s) (noun), perfusionists (pl)
An individual who assists the physician in all aspects of managing the equipment and techniques used during extra-corporeal circulation.

A perfusionist may also be involved in inducing prescribed hypothermia.

peridromophilist (s) (noun), peridromophilists (pl)
An individual who loves transport tickets: When Jim was a boy and traveled with his family, they aways went by bus, train, boat, or by plane, and he always saved the tickets they had. He had quite a collection of them which he kept in a special album, and his parents said that he was the perfect peridromophilist in his family!
perinatologist (s) (noun), perinatologists (pl)
An obstetrical expert or subspecialist concerned with the care of the mother and fetus at higher-than-normal risk for complications: Because Rose was older than normal for expecting her first baby, she was cared for by a perinatologist in the hospital, who made sure that she received any medical treatment necessary before giving birth to her newborn.

A perinatologist logically could be an obstetrician or pediatrician, but in practice, a perinatologist is an obstetrician.

The comparable area of pediatrics is neonatology. A high-risk baby might be cared for by a perinatologist before birth and by a neonatologist after birth.

periodontist (s), periodontists (pl)
A specialist in the placement and maintenance of dental implants.
pessimist (s) (noun), pessimists (pl)
1. Someone who always expects the worst to happen: A pessimist never expects anything to turn out well.
2. A person who habitually sees or anticipates the bad situations or is disposed to be gloomy: Pessimists see the world as excessively cruel in many ways.
3. Etymology: from Latin pessimus, "worst".
One who sees the worst side of things.
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petrologist (s) (noun), petrologists (pl)
A person who is a specialist in the field of large and small boulders: A famous petrologist was invited to be a guest speaker at Calvin's university and to give a talk about the composition and texture of igneous matter; such as, slate, marble, granite, and schist or fine-grained sandstone, etc.
A specialist in eating and the study of eating or ingesting foods.
1. Someone who is skilled in pharmacy; a druggist.
2. An individual trained in preparing and dispensing medicines.
3. A person who is licensed to prepare and sell or dispense drugs and compounds, and to make up prescriptions.
1. Someone who is qualified by education and training to prepare and dispense drugs by prescription.
2. A person trained in pharmacy; a druggist.
3. Also known as chemist (British usage), apothecary (obsolete), pharmaceutist.
1. A person who makes a study of the actions of drugs.
2. A specialist in pharmacology.
A seller of medicinal drugs; a druggist.
phenomenologist (s) (noun), phenomenologists (pl)
A phenomenological philosopher.