(Latin: within, inside, on the inside)

Borrowed from late Latin intra-; closely related to inter-, "between". The use of intra- is largely a product of modern times, occurring in words of common and technical vocabulary, where once it was generally a term used in science and the academic world.

While some words are borrowings from Medieval and even Late Latin, few if any come from Classical Latin.

—Based on information from Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology
Ab intra (Latin phrase)
Translation: "From within (oneself)."

The role of an insider is played out ab intra or "from within" an organization.

abdominohysterotomy (s) (noun), abdominohysterotomies (pl)
The surgical opening of a uterus through an abdominal incision: An abdominohysterotomy, also termed laparohysterotomy, is necessary for a cesarean section, for example.
Discere si cupias intra: salvere iubemus.
If you wish to learn, enter: we welcome you.

Motto inscribed on the east facade of Brookings Hall; Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

endopelvic, intrapelvic
Within the pelvis.
international, intranational
international (in" tuhr NASH uh nuhl, in" tuhr NASH nuhl) (adjective)
Relating to or consisting of two or more independent countries: Virginia went to school to study international commerce.
intranational (in" truh NASH uh nuhl; in" truh NASH nuhl) (adjective)
Relating to something which exists or occurs within the boundaries of a single country, rather than involving different sovereign states: Voting for the President of the United States is an intranational event and so participation by other nations is not permitted.

The outcome of the intranational elections in the country had international implications for trade and commerce.

intra muros. (IN-trah MOO-rohs) (Latin phrase)
Translation: "Within the walls."

In ancient times, sturdy barriers were built on the perimeters of cities to protect their inhabitants against invasions, and the day-to-day lives of the cities were conducted intra muros.

intra vires
Within the powers.

A matter is intra vires when it is within the legal power, scope, or authority of an institution or individual to perform an action. The opposite term is ultra vires.

intra vitam
During life: "The biologists were busy staining tissues intra vitam."
intra-abdominal (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning the section inside the abdomen: Because of the terrible accident, Frank suffered from an intra-abdominal bleeding which required an immediate operation.
intrabronchial electrocardiography
The recording of an electrocardiogram with an exploring electrode in a bronchus or a tube leading from the windpipe to a lung, which provides for the passage of air.
intracardiac electrocardiography
The recording of electrocardiograms by means of electrodes within the cardiac cavities.
1. Within an organ or body cavity.
2. Situated or occurring within a body cavity; especially, relating to, or being treatment (as of cancer) characterized by the insertion of radioactive substances in a cavity.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "internal organs, entrails, inside": ent-; enter-; fistul-; incret-; inter-; splanchn-; viscer-.