carcer-, carcera-

(Latin: prison, jail; an enclosed place)

carcer (s) (noun), cancers (pl)
A prison or jail which is a place of detention and safe-keeping, and not of punishment.
carcer (verb), carcers; carcered; carcering
To imprison for legal reasons.
carceral (adjective)
1. Relating to or suggesting a jail or prison.
2. Etymology: from Latin carceralis, from carcer, "prison, jail."
carceral state (s) (noun), carceral states (pl)
A state designed like a prison which is known as a "police state".

A carceral state is one that seeks to know everything about its inhabitants and visitors, but hides everything about itself. It demands transparency of everything except its own operations.

disincarcerate (verb), disincarcerates; disincarcerated; disincarcerating
1. To liberate from prison.
2. To set free from confinement.
impact incarceration (s) (noun), impact incarcerations (pl)
Jail or prison time structured with discipline and drills: Impact incarceration is the duration of imprisonment similar to a military boot camp, including strictness and rigorous exercises.
incarcerate (verb), incarcerates; incarcerated; incarcerating
1. To lock up or to confine in a prison or jail: The police plan to incarcerate the drunken man overnight to prevent any conflicts on the street.
2. To imprison; to enclose; to constrict closely; such as, in a prison: The film, "Birdman of Alcatraz", is the story of a man who was incarcerated for many decades.
3. Etymology: from Medieval Latin incarceratus, incarcerare, "to imprison"; from Latin in, "in" + carcer, "a prison"; meaning "to put behind lines or bars".
Judge orders imprisonment and throw away the key .
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Prisoner treats guard as if he were a porter in a hotel.
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Singing that is driving a cell-mate crazy.
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incarcerated (adjective)
Descriptive of being imprisoned.
incarcerated hernia (s) (noun), incarcerated hernias (pl)
1. A hernia which results in the entrapment of tissue or viscera into the hernia sac.
2. A hernia in which the constriction can not be easily reduced.
incarcerated placenta, retained placenta (s) (noun), incarcerated placentas, retained placentas (pl)
The incomplete separation of the placenta and its failure to be expelled at the usual time after the delivery of a child.
incarcerating (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Relating to being locked away or imprisoned; especially, for breaking the law.
2. A reference to being confined or shut up or enclosed.
incarceration (s) (noun), incarcerations (pl)
The confinement, detention, or imprisonment in a jail or penitentiary: Every legal restriction is an incarceration whether it be in a prison, or in a private house, or even by forcibly detaining someone in a public street.
incarcerator (s) (noun), incarcerators (pl)
Someone who imprisons other people for criminal activities.
wrongful incarceration (s) (noun), wrongful incarcerations (pl)
False imprisonment wherein a person is intentionally confined without legal authority.