(Latin: unbound, free from, pure; pertaining to protection against or freedom from disease)

coctoimmunogen (s) (noun), coctoimmunogens (pl)
A heated substance that can prompt a response from the immune system.
electroimmunodiffusion (s) (noun), electroimmunodiffusions (pl)
1. A laboratory method of identifying antigens in the blood by creating an artificial antigen antibody reaction.
2. Immunodiffusion in which the antigens are separated according to their migration in an electric field.

Immunodiffusiion is the technique for analyzing antigen (a protein molecule that often protrudes from the surface of a cell which can induce an immune response) and antibody mixtures by watching them as they diffuse toward each other within a support medium (usually a gel).

1. Diagnosis of disease based on antigen-antibody reactions in the blood serum.
2. The diagnosis of disease by studying the antibodies in a sample of blood serum.
1. The application of immunologic techniques to the chemical analysis of cells and tissues.
2. Microscopic localization of specific antigens in tissues by staining with antibodies labeled with fluorescent or pigmented material.
The immunogenic capacity of a structural component on an antigenic molecule to initiat4e antibody synthesis.
Stimulating the formation of antibodies especially in large numbers.
1. An imaging procedure in which antibodies labeled with radioactive substances are given to the patient then a picture is taken of sites in the body where the antibody localizes.
2. Scintigraphic imaging of a lesion using labeled monoclonal antibodies or antibody fragments which are specific for the antigen associated with the lesion.
Originally, the therapeutic administration of serum containing preformed antibodies produced by another individual; currently it includes nonspecific systemic stimulation, adjuvants, active specific immunotherapy, and adoptive immunotherapy.
The study of the relationships that exist among the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system.