(Greek: a suffix; meaning, specialist in, practitioner of)

A student of, or specialist in, econometrics.
1. A skilled person whose trade is making, installing, maintaining, or repairing electrical equipment, wiring, and electric devices; such as, lights, motors, etc.
2. A technician who specializes and who is licensed to install, to maintain, to repair, or to approve electrical wiring or electrical devices and who is capable of operating electrical equipment.
electricians (lexicomedy)
1. An ohm of electricians.
2. A jolt of electricians.
A doctor who treats the health problems of travelers.
geometrician (s) (noun), geometricians (pl)
A mathematician specializing in geometry: Janet's math teacher was a real geometrician who was totally skilled in geometry and motivated his students with success!
geopolitician (s) (noun), geopoliticians (pl)
A specialist in geopolitics: Dr. Hathaway was a geopolitician, an expert in political and geographic factors relating to his country and certain natural resources.
1. A doctor who specializes in medical care of senior citizens.
2. A physician who specializes in the diseases of old age.
3. An expert in geriatrics.
A physician who specializes in gyniatrics.
historician (s) (noun), historicians (pl)
A writer about notable or past events.
One who belongs to the iatromathematical school.
logician (s) (noun), logicians (pl)
Someone who is skilled in reasoning: The professor was a highly respected logician.

A logician is a person who thinks nothing of thinking or who always has a reason for a reason.

—Evan Esar
An expert or specialist in mathematics.
A scholar who specializes in the branch of philosophy concerned with the study of the nature of being, existence, time and space, and causality.
mortician (s) (noun), morticians (pl)
Someone who arranges and manages funerals; an undertaker who is trained to care of the dead: Jim's uncle is a mortician whose business is to be responsible for burials and cremations of those who have died.
A funeral director or undertaker.
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optician (s) (noun), opticians (pl)
A specialist in fitting eyeglasses and making lenses to correct vision problems: The opticians fill the prescriptions made by optometrists who have performed the examinations of the eyes for corrective lenses.
The person who makes and sells eyeglasses.
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