(Latin: a suffix; can be done, worthy of being, able to be, tending to, capacity for)

ignible (adjective), more ignible, most ignible
Relating to something which can easily cause sparks or fire: Since Max had ignible trash, it was easy for him to burn all of it in his fire place.
incognoscible (adjective), more incognoscible, most incognoscible
1. Pertaining to being uncertain or beyond recognition: The dead body had been in the lake for so long that it was quite incognoscible and so no one was able to identify it.
2. A reference to something that is incapable of being perceived or understood: In the advanced math class at college, some of the topics the professor was talking about were very incognoscible for some members of the class because they couldn’t understand what he was presenting to them.
incompatible (adjective), more incompatible, most incompatible
A reference to people or things which are not able to exist in agreement; incongruous, discordant, conflicting, inconsistent: After two years of marriage, Jack and Jill had too many conflicts and decided that they were an incompatible and a mismatched couple and should go their separate ways.

Joe bought a new piece of hardware for his computer, but it didn't work because it was incompatible with his own computer system.

Incapable of living together in harmony.
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Being incompatible is when a man wants a divorce and his wife doesn’t, or when the husband loses his income and the wife her patability.

—Evan Esar

In Genesis (the first book in the Bible) it says that it is not good for a man to be alone, but sometimes it is a great relief.

—John Barrymore
incondensable, incondensible (adjective); more incondensable, more incondensible; more incondensable, most incondensible
1. Difficult or impossible to abridge or shorten: The judge presented an incondensable judicial statement.
2. Incapable of being made more compact or reduced to liquid form: In comparison to milk which can be condensed, granite is incondensable and cannot be made more solid than it already is!
incorruptible (adjective)
1. Incapable of being morally corrupted, especially incapable of being bribed or motivated by selfish or base interests.
2. Not subject to decomposition; incapable of being affected by decay or decomposition.
inflexible (adjective), more inflexible, most inflexible
1. A reference to being incapable of adapting or changing to meet another person's demands: Margarete's busy schedule made her quite inflexible that day, so she couldn't go out with her friends for lunch.
2. Firmly established and impossible to change: The football coach had inflexible rules for his team to follow.
3. Unyielding in purpose, principle, or temper; immovable: Mr. Henderson was a man quite established and inflexible in his habits.
Relating to being firm or stubborn.
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intangibility (s) (noun), intangibilities (pl)
intangible (adjective)
A reference to assets; such as, claims, credits, good will, etc.
intangibly (adverb)
1. Impossible to see; not visible; for example, air and sound waves are invisible.
2. Not accessible to view; hidden: "The mountains have become invisible because of the clouds."
3. Not easily noticed or detected; inconspicuous.
4. Not published in financial statements; such as, an invisible asset.
irresistible (adjective); more irresistible, most irresistible
1. Pertaining to something so powerful that it is unavoidable: Agatha was on a strict diet, but one day she felt an irresistible and compelling urge to eat a piece of chocolate cake for desert.
2. Regarding something or someone that is overpoweringly attractive: The new student in Jane's class was so nice and beautiful, and had such an irresistable personality, that everyone wanted to be her friend!
1. Clear enough to be read; readable.
2. Capable of being easily understood or recognized.
passible (adjective) (not comparable)
Capable of feeling, particulary suffering or pain; subject to sensation: It is said that the soul or spirit of Jesus is passable.
1. Capable of being produced, brought forward, or presented to the eye or mind; adducible; procurable, obtainable, available.
2. Fit to be produced or introduced; presentable.
3. That which can be produced or extended in length.
4. That which may be caused or brought about; capable of being brought into being, generated, or made.
That which can be reduced or capable of becoming smaller in size, number, extent, degree, or intensity, or something that can be made smaller in this way.