(Latin: a suffix that means "able to [be]"; a variation of -ability)

irascibility (s) (noun)
A feeling of resentful anger: "With his short temper, he revealed his irascibility."
That which is impossible to reduce to a desired, simpler, or smaller form or amount.
irresistibility (s) (noun), irresistibilities (pl)
A situation of something being overwhelming, overpowering, or totally hopeless to refrain from: The best way to alleviate Jack's hunger was the irresistibility of going to his favorite steak house in town.
irresponsibility (s) (noun), irresponsibilities (pl)
A situation which is lacking in dependability or is unreliable: The irresponsibility of the man who was in charge of the horses by not properly caring for the race horse lead to his dismissal from the racing stables.
1. Writing (print or handwriting) that can be easily read.
2. Distinctness that makes perception of what is written easy to read.
luminosity function (s) (noun), luminosity functions (pl)
A standard measure of the responses of the eyes to monochromatic (one color) light at various wavelengths: As part of her research, the ophthalmologist, Dr. Robinson, studied the changes in the luminosity functions of the eyes of her patients.
1. A description of that which has the appearance of truth but might be deceptive.
2. That which is likely to be true or able to be believed.
possibility (s) (noun), possibilities (pl)
1. The fact or state of being anticipated: Sally's dentist told her about the possibility of getting cavities by eating sweet things and not brushing her teeth afterwards.
2. Something that is achievable: The possibility of going to the Alps sounded like a good idea for the summer.
3. Potentiality for favorable or interesting results: The idea has great possibilities.
prehensibility (s) (noun), prehensibilities (pl)
The ability or the act of taking hold of something firmly with the hands or other parts of the body: Elephants have the prehensibility of using their trunks and monkeys also have it by utilizing their tails.
protopathic sensibility
A reference to the bodily sensations of fast localized pain, slow, poorly localized pain, and temperature.

Protopathic sensibility is transmitted principally along the thinnest nerve fibers, which lack a myelin sheath and conduct nerve impulses slowly.

It is related primarily to the spinothalamic system (extending between the spinal cord and the thalamus which is the large oval area of gray matter within the brain that relays nerve impulses from the basal ganglia to the cerebellum, both parts of the brain that control and regulate muscle movement), whose receptive neuron fields are often nonspecific and very large, covering the entire body.

radiosensibility (s) (noun), radiosensibilities (pl)
Responsiveness of the body or its parts to the exposure of radiation: The doctors were pleased with the results of the radiosensibility because the large wart on Marion's elbow had diminished in size.
refrangibility (s) (noun); refrangibilities (pl)
The ability of the disposition of rays of light to be refracted or turned out of a direct course wheb passing out of one transparent body or medium into another one.
responsibility (s) (noun), responsibilities (pl)
An act or fact of accountability, trustworthiness, and reliability: The weight of responsibility weighed heavily on Sam's shoulders when he realized that his father was unable to continue to work and to provide for his family; so, Sam dropped out of school and got a job.

The news keeps reporting about various groups claiming responsibilities for suicide explosions.