hyper-, hyp-

(Greek: above, over; excessive; more than normal; abnormal excess [in medicine]; abnormally great or powerful sensation [in physical or pathological terms]; highest [in chemical compounds])

Referring to an exceptionally high fever either in comparison to the fever usually accompanying a particular disease or absolutely; such as, in a heatstroke.
hyperpyrexia (high" pur pigh REK see uh)
An abnormally high fever, either in comparison to the normal body temperature of a specific disease or as in a heat stroke.
1. Marked by increased salt in a saline solution.
2. Characterized by increased or excessive salinity; used in the treatment involving the administration of large doses of sodium chloride.
A reference to naturally occurring water that is more salty than that which is typical of sea water.
hypersensitive (high" pur SEN suh tiv) (adjective), more hypersensitive, most hypersensitive
1. Descriptive of a person who is very easily hurt, offended, or upset; fragile: Shirley often has hypersensitive reactions when she remembers that, as a little girl, her poverty stricken parents gave her up for adoption to another couple who were better off financially.
2. Concerning that state of being overly affected or harmed by something, such as medical drugs, diseases, etc.: Reginald is hypersensitive to the medicine that the doctor prescribed and, as a result, he has been suffering with violent reactions even with small amounts.
Very easily offended or having hurt feelings.

Very easily offended or upset.
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hypersensitivity (s) (noun), hypersensitivities (pl)
An abnormally acute or extreme reaction to such things as dust, pollen, or spores: Andrew always carries medication with him to treat his hypersensitivity to flower powders that are in the air during spring.
hypersensitization (s) (noun), hypersensitizations (pl)
A condition in which someone has an excessive response to something or a significant pain, etc.: Kathryn's hypersensitization to certain bodily positions required by her dance instructor resulted in a decision not to become a professional dancer.
hypersensual (adjective), more hypersensual, most hypersensual
Descriptive of something above or beyond the scope of normal feelings or physical comprehension: The rash that appeared on Leah's arm was the most hypersensual reaction to bandages that the doctor had ever seen before.
hypersomnia (high" pur SAHM nee uh) (s) (noun), hypersomnias (pl)
1. A condition characterized by abnormally long or frequent periods, or abnormal depth, of sleep: Susan's hypersomnia affected her daily life in that she was exceedingly tired and sleeping more and more during the day and not tending to her household chores.
2. Excessive or uncontrollable sleepiness: After spending days and nights with constant work in the emergency hospital, Dr. Smith suffered from hypersomnia, sleeping through his meal times at home."
3. A condition in which sleep periods are excessively long, but the person responds normally in the intervals; distinguished from somnolence: After flying from California to Germany, David was so tired he went directly to bed and slept 10 hours, only getting up to eat with his family.

After eating, his hypersomnia took over again, and so he went back to bed and got up later, after several hours.

4. Etymology: from Greek hyper, "over, very much" + Latin somnus, -somnia, "sleep".
hypersonic (high" pur SAHN ik)
1. Much faster than the speed of sound.
2. Relating to speeds five or more times than that of the normal speed of sound in the air; such as, rockets, certain air currents, aircraft, etc.
hypersplenia, hypersplenism
An abnormal condition characterized by an enlarged spleen that prematurely destroys red blood cells or platelets.
Abnormal strength, or excessive tension, of the entire body or a part of the body.
A reference to, or concerning, excessive strength.
Excessive stimulation of a bodily organ or part.
An excessive increase in the rate of respiration.

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