hygro-, hygr- +

(Greek: moist, moisture, wet, damp)

hygroscopic water, hygroscopic moisture
Moisture that adheres to soil particles and does not evaporate at ordinary temperatures.
Relating to that which shows variations in the relative humidity of the atmosphere.
Characteristic of that which shows variations in the relative humidity of the atmosphere.
1. The quality, or degree, of absorbing moisture.
2. The property possessed by vegetable tissues of absorbing or discharging moisture according to circumstances.
An instrument that shows changes in the humidity of the air but does not measure the changes.
hygrostat, humidistat
1. An instrument that measures, or controls, the relative humidity of the air.
2. A device used for regulating the relative humidity of an enclosed space.

A hygrostat contains a sensor that detects a preset level of humidity and is connected to a heater that is turned off, and on, as needed in order to keep the humidity at the preset level.

Hygrostats are used in humidifiers, and dehumidifiers, and are placed in the ductwork of laboratories and other facilities where climate control is necessary.

1. A reference to the directed response of a motile organism to moisture.
2. Relating to the attraction of humid micro-environments.
1. The directed response of a motile organism to moisture.
2. Attracted to humid micro-environments.
Relating to moisture and heat.
hygrothermal effect
The degradation of a polymer caused by exposure to moderately high temperatures and moisture absorption; in composites, produces severe internal stresses due to expansion of the fiber inside the matrix (loose meshwork within which cells are embedded).
An instrument that records both temperature and humidity on one graph.
hygrothermia, hygrothermally
A reference to moisture and heat.
1. An instrument that records the temperature and humidity of the air on a single chart.
2. A visual record of temperature and relative humidity readings taken over a period of several days.
The recording of both temperature and humidity.
An instrument which measures both temperature and relative humidity.

Cross references of word families that refer to "water": aqua-; hydat-; hydro-.