(Greek: wanton violence, riotousness, insolence; outrage; arrogance)

Borrowed from Greek hybristikos, "insolent, wanton", from hybrizein, "to insult, to act outrageously", from hybris, "wanton violence, insolence".

hubris (s) (noun), hubrises (pl)
1. Excessive, or overbearing; insolent self-esteem; arrogance: Hubris is the excessive pride and ambition that often leads to the downfall of a hero in classical dramas.

George started his business career as a pleasant clerk; however, by the time he became the CEO of the company years later, he showed signs of hubris which would lead to his downfall.

2. Etymology: from Greek hybris, "wanton violence, insolence, riotousness; outrage".
Excessive pride and arrogance.
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hubristic (adjective), more hubristic, most hubristic
1. A descriptive term for someone who is arrogant.
2. Characterized by exaggerated pride or self-confidence.
hubristically (adverb), more hubristically, most hubristically
1. Pertaining to someone who is overbearingly proud or who believes that he or she is able to do or to be something which does not now exist.
2. Having an arrogant attitude.