horo-, hour-

(Greek > Latin: hour, time; period of time, season, any limited time)

hourglass (s) (noun), hourglasses (pl)
1. A device for measuring time, consisting of two glass chambers connected by a narrow neck through which sand falls: An hourglass can contain a certain quantity mercury, or another flowing substance besides sand, that trickles from the upper chamber to the lower in a fixed amount of time, often one hour.
2. A computer cursor that shows that a task is being performed, but is not yet completed: A laptop icon that looks like an hourglass is useful in indicating that it, the laptop, is still occupied with or engaged in some activity..
hourglass figure (s) (noun), hourglass figures (pl)
The shape of a human body that looks like a sand timer: Jill had an hourglass figure of a lady that was very narrow at her waist and quite wide at her hips and bust.
hourly (adjective) (not comparable)
1. Descriptive of a thing taking place every 60 minutes: The grandfather clock struck every hour, or in regular intervals, such with hourly chimes.
2. Regarding something that happens frequently or continually: Jack and Jill kept a record of their hourly changes for their project.
3. Concerning something occurring every 60 minutes, as a unit: : Lisa received hourly payments for the time she spent working on the job.