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pink, pink, pink, PINK
pink (PINGK) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of something very fashionable and up to date: Etta's pink style was often imitated by her friends.
2. Informal, very happy or amused: Justin was tickled pink by the attention he got from his girl friend.
pink (PINGK) (noun)
A hue of color ranging from pale red to slightly darker red: Josie's hat of a charming shade of pink was in contrast to her scarlet suit.
pink (PINGK) (verb)
1. To hurt or to wound by the use of irony or criticism: Stephen's efforts to pink his opponent in the election backfired and, as a result, he lost the election.
2. To cut fabric by using special scissors that scallop the edges: Jane's mother always wanted to pink the cloth with pinking sheers so that it wouldn't fray at the sides.
PINK (PINGK) (noun)
Thomas Pink, a retail clothing business, started in London, England, in 1984. The three Irish men who established the business named the company after an 18th century London tailor who was famous as a clothing manufacturer, specializing in fine cotton shirts: Trisha bought her PINK shirt when it was on sale.

When Bonita was wearing her pink PINK shirt, she felt quite pink when she was dancing and then she was tickled pink when a friend asked her to dance and she noticed he was also wearing a pink PINK.