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garrulous (GAR uh lus, GAR yuh lus) (adjective), more garrulous, most garrulous
1. Descriptive of those who excessively express themselves and are full of trivial or worthless conversation: Marge is so garrulous that Jim can't get a word in edgewise in order to respond to her views about religion.

Manfred is in a hurry and he hopes he won't be stopped by his garrulous neighbor who usually wants to yak on and on and never wants to quit.

2. Wordy, illogical, and rambling: Victor made a garrulous speech on TV that no one could understand.
3. Excessively or pointlessly ranting and often using meaningless, disconnected, and babbling statements; tiresomely speaking: The garrulous speech of the Chief Executive Officer at the Annual General Meeting seemed to go on forever before his assistant politely whispered to him to conclude his remarks and sit down.
4. Etymology: from Latin garrulus, "talkative" which came from garrire, "to chatter"; so, the meaning of this word has not changed for more than two thousand years!
Excessive talking about trifles or insignificant things.
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Relating to being long-winded and wordy.
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A reference to being too wordy, illogical, and rambling on and on or talking too much. (2)