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fascinate (verb), fascinates; fascinated, fascinating
1. To attract or to charm by holding spellbound by an irresistible influence: When Jacklyn went on stage to sing, she always fascinated her audiences with her beauty and outstanding performances.

The contents of certain TV programs fascinate their audiences to such a degree that they cannot resist watching the presentations almost every evening when they appear.

2. To cause a motionless situation, as by a fixed look or by inspiring terror: Originally, to fascinate meant to put under a spell or to bewitch; however, in later use it has been disconnected from the notion of witchcraft; that is, to deprive of the power of escape or resistance, as serpents are said to do through the terror produced by their look or merely by their perceived presence.
To hold spellbound with charm or allure.
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To arouse or to compel the interest, admiration, or attention of; to charm or to allure. (1)