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brink (BRINGK) (noun)
The edge at the top of a steep cliff; usually, used figuratively to refer to a point that is very close to the occurrence of something very bad or very good: The tree grew on the brink of the cliff.

Derrick nearly lost everything because of his excessive drinking, but his friends were successful in pulling him back from the brink of disaster.

Medical scientists may be on the brink of finding a cure for the mental disease.

drink (DRINGK) (verb)
1. To put a liquid in one’s mouth in order to swallow it: Greg held the flask to his mouth to drink the cool water.
2. To absorb or to receive avidly: The students appeared to drink in all that the professor said in class.
drink (DRINGK) (noun)
A beverage, non-alcoholic or alcoholic: The students went to the cafe for a drink when they finished their examinations.

In the early hours of the morning, Tommy stood on the brink of the Grand Canyon to drink his coffee. The view, the aroma, and the taste of the coffee were exhilarating.

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(Latin: drink, to drink)
(Greek: thirst, thirsty [toward "drink"])
(Greek: a combining form confused between three Greek roots and may mean "hunger", "dirt", or "drink"; and there is one Latin form referring to the "pine tree")
(Latin: drink)
(Modern Latin: named for the mythical king Tantalus [who in the Greek myths was tortured by being placed in water up to his chin, which he was never able to drink, whence the word “tantalize”]; because of the element’s insolubility or “to illustrate the tantalizing work he had until he succeeded in isolating this element”; metal)
(Latin: to draw out, to drink; to draw water, to swallow)
(Greek > Latin: drink of the gods; from Greek mythology)
(Greek: soberness, sober; drink no wine)
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Eat drink and be merry (Ecclesiastes 8:15)
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