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bleak, blink
bleak (BLEEK) (adjective)
1. Gloomy and somber: The future looks bleak for many people.
2. Providing no encouragement; depressing: Many countries are obviously in a bleak global-economic situation.
3. Exposed to the elements; unsheltered and barren: The bleak weather is cold, rainy, and dark.

Josephine could see the bleak, treeless regions of the high mountains behind her.

blink (BLINGK) (verb)
1. To close and to open one or both of the eyes rapidly: Floyd had to blink his eyes when the bright light shined on his face.
2. To waver or back down, as in a contest of wills: During the international meeting, the U.S. was expected to be one of the counties that would blink and agree to remove the missiles.

It was a bleak and dreary day when Mike and Rita went hiking. The wind was so cold that it made both of them blink their eyes.

(Latin: to close the eyes, to blink, to wink at [a crime], to overlook [errors], connive at; to be privy to [secretly knowing about]; to be tightly closed)