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banking, banking
banking (BANG king) (adjective)
The business of operating a financial institution that saves, invests, and loans money: Marla and Gavin are both in the banking business and their daughter is also preparing for a banking career.
banking (BANG king) (verb)
1. To count on; to depend on; to trust, and to have confidence in: Josie is banking on Eddy to hand her a reasonable bill for his services.

Jane asked, "Are you sure it is safe to be banking on banks as reliable places to keep our money?"

Dick told his friend, "I am banking on you to help me understand the new banking procedures."

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private banking
Beyond just providing credit or managing investments, private banking addresses a person's entire financial situation.

Services include everything from protecting and growing someone's assets in the present, to planning retirement and passing wealth on to future generations.

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