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sedentary (adjective), more sedentary, most sedentary
1. A reference to requiring a continual sitting position and not moving around: Providing information with a computer is usually a sedentary job.
2. Accustomed or addicted to sitting still; not in the habit of taking physical exercise: The unhealthy conditions of some of the employees were caused by the sedentary lifestyles of their jobs and so the company made efforts to have the workers take breaks and to participate in their newly established fitness center.
3. Inhabiting the same region through life; not migratory: There are many forms of life which are naturally sedentary or confined to one spot during their existence and are not locomotory or moving around; such as, sea corals, oysters, and all kinds of plants.
Requiring much sitting and taking very little exercise.
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Sitting as a requirement as part of one's job and not moving around very often.
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Characteristic of continually sitting and not moving around. (2)