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secrete (verb), secretes; secreted; secreting
1. To produce and to give off some form of physiologically produced liquid or substance: Glands in the mouth secrete saliva and there are other functional areas in the body that also secrete enzymes, hormones, metabolites (chemical changes), etc.

Cells, glands, and organs secrete chemical substances (enzymes or hormones) which are needed for physical processes in various parts of the body.

2. To put something in a hidden or secret place: Mike was keeping his assets secreted in a foreign bank account.

Delores was secreting her savings in a special safe-deposit box in her local bank for greater security instead of at home.

3. Etymology, origin: from Latin secernere, "to set apart, to separate, to hide".
To hide or to conceal.
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To keep secret or hidden.
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To deposit in a place of hiding.
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(Greek: to secrete, to come out; such as, a certain gland or glands)
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To conceal ot to put into a place that is not available for anyone else to see or know about. (2)