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scream, screech, shriek, squeal
scream (SKREEM) (verb)
1. To suddenly cry out in a loud and high voice because of pain, surprise, etc.: Everyone in the house could hear Ellen scream when she saw the dead body.
2. To speak, to write, or to express something in a way that shows intense or uncontrolled emotion: The newspaper headlines did indeed scream about the increase in crime of the downtown area.
3. To produce a vivid impression or startling effect: The colors of Ellaine's pink sweater and orange blouse seemed to scream at each other.
4. To make a very loud, high sound: Marjorie and Raul heard the scream of the woman when her husband drove into the fire hydrant and hit a tree early in the morning."

In New York City, you never really get used to the scream of sirens.

It is no doubt just their imagination going wild, but some visitors claim that they can hear a scream from the picture of The Scream by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch in the National Gallery of Oslo, Norway.

The Scream still lives on in the National Gallery of Oslo, Norway.
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screech (SKREECH) (verb)
To cry out sharply in a high voice, shriek; a shrill, harsh scream: To hear any owl screech at night and nearby can startle just about everyone.
shriek (SHREEK) (noun)
1. A loud, sharp, shrill sound: The shriek of terror in the movie made the whole audience jump.

The shriek of an engine’s whistle causes pain in some people's ears.

The woman let out a shriek when she saw and felt the mouse running over her foot.

2. A loud, shrill laugh: The little girl gave a shriek of delight when her daddy came home from work.

Each child greeted the other one with a shriek of joy.

squeal (SKWEEL) (verb)
1. To make a long, sharp, or shrill cry: A pig will squeal when it is hurt or wants to get away when it is grabbed.

The puppy started to squeal when Carrie stepped on its tail.

2. Slang: to inform on someone; to betray, or to expose one's accomplices: Charlotte was getting ready to squeal to the police after seeing her neighbor break into another house and carry out a TV set.

When the famous rock band came to our city, the young girls gathered on the streets to scream and to squeal their enthusiasm. The noise was deafening, causing such an alarm that the police arrived with a shriek of a siren and then stopped with a sudden screech of the brakes.