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residue (s) (noun), residues (pl)
1. The remainder of something after removal of some parts or a piece: When George finished grilling the meat, the grill was covered with a greasy residue.
2. In law, the remainder of a testator's estate after all claims, debts, and bequests are satisfied: Grace left the residue of her estate to her daughter after having all the financial obligations taken care of. 
3. Etymology: from Old French residu, from Latin residuum, "a remainder", from residuus, "remaining, left over", from residere, "to remain behind"; from re-, "back, again" + sedere, "to sit".
Whatever remains after something is taken, separated, or designated.
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agricultural residue (s) (noun), agricultural residues (pl)
The substance that remains after agricultural products have been harvested or obtained: Agricultural residue can be used as a fuel source composed of plant parts, primarily stalks and leaves, that are not harvested for use as food or fiber, for example, corn stalks and husks, wheat straw, or rice straw.
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A remnant or remainder of something that has been separated or a part which has been removed. (1)