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reduplicate (ri DOO pluh kayt", ri DYOO pluh kayt") (verb), reduplicates; reduplicated; reduplicating
1. To repeat or to double something again: There are some words that reduplicate vowels, syllables, or words in order to create new words or linguistic elements; for example, the following words have parts that are reduplicated: "wishy-washy" and "goody-goody".

The phrase in a music composition is repeated or reduplicated quite often and the listener can usually recognize it each time.

2. To reproduce an element of a word precisely or with a small change: Monika reduplicated some linguistic elements of words to make her short story more interesting and expressive; for example, teeny-weeny, see-saw, and chitchat.
3. To make identical copies of the same thing that has been done previously: The writer of the short autobiography had the printer reduplicate his composition because more people wanted copies than he had anticipated.
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reduplicate (ri DOO pluh kayt", ri DYOO pluh kayt")
This time cate is providing some information about repeating the printing of copies of documents which were done before.
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