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pungent (adjective), more pungent, most pungent
1. Descriptive of the powerful and intense smell or taste of something: The spaghetti sauce had a very pungent taste because of the amount of cumin and ginger which was added to it!
2. Pertaining to a vivid impression on the mind due to being bright and straightforward: Jane had very pungent memories of being on the farm in her childhood. The most moving recollection was being chased down the driveway by a cow when she was only three years old!
Referring to something that causes a sharp sensation; such as, a smell, taste, or feeling.
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(Greek: sharp, acute, pointed, keen; sour, acid, acidic, pungent)
(Greek: bitter, sharp, pungent)
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Relating to the powerful and intense smell or taste of something. (1)