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prognosticate (prahg NAHS ti kayt") (verb), prognosticates; prognosticated; prognosticating
1. To predict or foretell future events: Mary’s dream prognosticated that she was going to meet her future husband on the weekend!
2. An indication of the future result of something: Jane’s headache was hurting her and she couldn’t breathe so her doctor prognosticated that her influenza would last for quite sometime.
3. To forecast or to predict something from present indications or signs; to prophesy: The weather forecast is prognosticated to be clear and sunny for the next few days.
4. Something that presages: When people see birds appearing at the end of winter, they are believed to prognosticate that spring is coming.
5. To predict according to present conditions or signs; to foretell: There is urban renewal that currently prognosticates a social and cultural renovation for the city.

Instead of using the verb prognosticate all the time in his essay, Jim used synonyms like "to foreshadow" and "to portend”, which made his composition more interesting.

To forecast, to predict, or to foretell what will happen.
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prognosticate (prahg NAHS ti kayt")
In this cate, people will learn about the process of predicting what will happen in the future.
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To predict or to foretell future events based on present indications or signs. (1)