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perpetrate (verb), perpetrates; perpetrated; perpetrating
1. To carry out, or to commit, a harmful, illegal, or immoral action; such as, some kind of crime, fraud, trick, etc.: A crime was perpetrated against the innocent family last night when their house was burglarized.
2. Etymology: from Latin perpetrare, perpetratus, "to perform, to accomplish"; from per-, "completely" + patrare, "to carry out, bring to pass"; originally "to bring into existence", from pater, "father".

The reference in Latin was "neither good nor bad", but when it was used in England in legal statutes; it came to mean, "to perform criminally".

To do an offense.
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To commit a criminal act.
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To commit an illegal or immoral act; such as, some kind of a crime, a fraud, or a dirty trick. (2)