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propitious (adjective), more propitious, most propitious
1. Descriptive of circumstances that are promising and opportunistic: Today's weather report is very propitious because Jim must drive quite a distance this afternoon and he doesn't want to worry about the freezing rain on the roads.
2. A reference to some action that is likely to lead to success: Dina thought this would be a propitious time to ask her boss for a raise.
3. Conveying an Inclination to bestow kindness or forgiveness to others: Mariam's father was in a propitious mood during the holiday season and so he was cheerfully giving contributions to several needy people in his neighborhood.
4. Etymology: from Latin, and borrowed directly from Latin propitius, "favorable, gracious, kind"; from pro-, "forward" + petere, "to go toward, to seek out".
Favorable circumstances.
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Favorable circumstances.
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Being favorable and likely to lead to success; a good omen. (2)