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pernicious (adjective), more pernicious, most pernicious
1. A reference to causing great harm, destruction, or death: Tabitha is going to get revenge on the man who insulted her with a pernicious act that will hurt him very much without him knowing who did it.
2. Descriptive of being very wicked, dangerous, or harmful in a way that is neither easily seen nor noticed: There are some people who do pernicious things to others either for the fun of it or simply to get a thrill out of seeing them suffer.
3. Etymology: from Latin perniciosus, "destructive", which came from pernicies, "destruction, death, ruin"; from per-, "completely" + necis, "violent death, murder".
That which is destructive or causes severe injury.
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Something that causes great harm.
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Descriptive of being deadly and evil.
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Relating to doing evil and harm.
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A reference to causing great harm, destruction, or death; name calling. (4)