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discreet (dis KREET) (adjective), more discreet, most discreet
1. A reference to being careful to avoid embarrassing situations or upsetting another person: While waiting for a table at the elegant restaurant, Sally spoke to her mother in a very quiet and discreet tone of voice saying that her slip was hanging down below her dress.
2. Pertaining to not talking about anything that should be secret or confidential: The Jacksons invited their neighbors over for tea in the afternoon and they were very discreet and avoided asking about their daughter's recent divorce, knowing it was a painful subject.
3. Tactful and judicious; especially, in dealing with others; careful not to say or to do the wrong thing: Isaac made discreet inquiries about his daughter's bank account so she wouldn't spend more than is deposited in it.
4. Subtle and circumspect, ensuring that no undue attention distracts others: A photographer followed the bride and groom at a discreet distance so he wouldn't interfere with the wedding ceremony.
5. Etymology: from Latin, discernere, "to separate, to discern"; from dis-, "apart" + cerno, "pick".
Conveying a cautious and a smart approach.
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Descriptive of being careful and making good decisions.
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Relating to being careful to avoid embarrassing situations or upsetting another person. (2)