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misogyny (s) (noun), misogynies (pl)
1. A hatred of, animosity towards, or an aversion to women: There are different occasions where misogyny is obvious:
  • Hiring a less capable or an incompetent man for a profession instead of a better suited woman.
  • When certain clubs do not allow women to join because of their gender.
  • In jobs when women are paid less than their male colleagues, although they do exactly the same work.
2. The revulsion of women can be caused by a morbid mental condition experienced from mistreatments during one's childhood; especially, those relating to the parents: Because Jack had dreadful memories relating to his mother and aunt while he was a child, he mistrusted women generally when he was a teenager and a young man and his misogyny influenced his life so much that he avoided girls, and later, women as much as possible and so he never got married.
A hatred of women.
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A hating of all women.
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A hostility towards or a repugnance of all women or adult females. (2)