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misanthrope (MIS-uhn-throhp, MIZ-uhn-throhp) (s) (noun), misanthropes (pl)
1. Someone who has a hatred or distrust of all of mankind: After seeing terrible news on TV and reading the newspapers about the horrible wars in the world which never seem to end, it's no wonder that some people become misanthropes, giving up all hope and faith that the world will someday be peaceful again.
2. Anyone who avoids social contacts with people whenever possible: Irene was always a very shy person, even when she was a child; and as a grown-up, she had a tendency to be a misanthrope because she preferred being alone at home and not with other people.
3. Etymology: from Greek misanthropos, "hating mankind"; from misein, "to hate" + anthropos, "man".

A misanthrope is a person who always believes the worst about other people, at first, and never changes his or her mind.

Someone who has little faith in mankind, and even less in womankind.

—Based on quotes by
Evan Esar, Esar’s Comic Dictionary
A dislike or hatred of mankind in general.
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Someone who has an aversion or antipathy towards humans in general. (1)