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impinge (verb), impinges; impinged; impinging
1. To strike, to hit, or to collide: The crash of thunder impinged on Gertrude's ears.

Manfred tried to sleep, but the loud sounds of the traffic outside the hotel impinged on his ears and kept him awake for quite awhile.

2. To trespass, to interfere with, to intrude, to impose, or to encroach: The weeds in Jim's yard have impinged significantly because he and his family have been away traveling for over two months.

Claudia felt that sometimes her mother was impinging on her right to raise her children in her own way.

3. Etymology: "to fasten or to fix forcibly"; from Latin impingere "to drive into, to strike against"; from an assimilated form of in-, "into, in, on, upon" + pangere, "to fix, to fasten".
Close contact or infringing.
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To interfere with, to intrude, to impose, or to encroach. (1)