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illusion (i LOO zhuhn) (s) (noun), illusions (pl)
1. A deception; a false, although often pleasant, notion; a misconception: The illusions of youth fade with maturity.
2. Semblance, a misleading visual impression; hallucination, false image: Mirrors give an illusion of more space in a room.
3. An imaginary appearance of something that seems to be real or which seems to exist: While he was sleeping, Sam had the illusion in his dream that he was a muscle man at a fitness studio and was so strong that the exercise equipment was breaking apart as he used each one.
4. The fact or condition of being deceived or fooled by appearances: A handsome face can be an illusion which disguises a mean personality.
5. A mental state involving the attribution of reality to what is unreal: Norbert was under the illusion that he was living in a castle as a king.

Troy had the illusion that his girlfriend was floating above his bed!

6. Etymology: "act of deception", from Old French illusion, "a mocking"; from Latin illusionem, illusio, "a mocking, a jesting, an irony"; from illudere, "to mock at"; literally, "to play with", from in-, "at" + ludere, "to play".

A pleasant illusion is better than a harsh reality.

—Christian Nestell Bovee
A false idea or conception; an unreal, deceptive, or misleading appearance.
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A misconception or false idea, not believable, or an opinion that is not real, but which is deceptive or misleading. (1)