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hypochondria (s) (noun) (no plural)
1. A psychological disorder characterized by an unusual or excessive concern or worry about one's health or having a serious illness: Mona revealed her hypochondria by talking constantly about her health concerns with her friends, not only with her doctor.
2. An abnormal concern about one's health, with the false belief that one is suffering from some disease even when there are medical reassurances that the person is not ill: Glenda's doctor told her that there was no evidence that she was suffering from any kind of physical sickness; however, it was possible that she might have a psychological disorder known as hypochondria.
A woman has a large bottle of medications to fight off illness.
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A morbid depression about one's health.
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Imagonary illness.
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hypochondria (used only in the singular)
Anxiety about one's health or a mental depression in which a person imagines that he or she is sick even when there is no medical evidence of any physical illness. (3)